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Pyrenel Foam 100mL

Pyrenel Foam 100mL

Quick Overview

Pyrenel Foam is specially formulated to effectively kill head lice and their eggs. These products kill head lice on contact.

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What is Pyrenel Foam for?

Pyrenel Foam kills head lice and their eggs in one application*.

Who are Pyrenel Foam for?

Pyrenel Foam is recommended for use on children aged 6 months and up. Parents supervision is essential.

When should I use Pyrenel Foam?

Pyrenel Foam should be applied at the first sign of a head lice infestation. Why not stock up at the start of summer so you are prepared for lice season?

Why should I use Pyrenel Foam?

To treat and prevent head lice infestations.


Pyrethrins I and II, piperonyl butoxidse. Also contains: 5-bromo-5-nitro-1, 3-dioxane as preservative.


Wet the hair thoroughly with warm water. Squeeze excess water from the hair. Apply 10-15mL of Pyrenel Foam to the head and massage into a rich lather ensuring that it comes into contact with all lice and eggs.

Leave on the hair for 10 minutes then rinse well. Remove the dead lice and eggs with a fine tooth comb.

All members of the family should be treated to prevent reinfestation. Once application is normally sufficient to kill lice and their eggs.

For maximum protection use Pyrenel Foam once a week until the outbreak at school is checked. Wash all clothing bed clothes, towels, combs and brushes in hot water. Prenel Foam must not be swallowed.

If Pyrenel Foam gets in the eyes, flush them with clean warm water. If skin irritation or signs of infection occurs, consult your physician.

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