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Nature's Way SuperFoods Pea Protein 200g


Nature's Way Super Foods Pea Protein Isolates 200g

Quick Overview

Nature’s Way Pea Protein is an plant based, protein-rich, nutrient-dense alkaline formula made from split peas and fermented superfoods.


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What is Nature's Way Super Foods Pea Protein for?

Each serve delivers 11g of easy to digest protein and amino acids, important for many necessary body processes such as cell repair, muscle growth & recovery, healthy bones and hormone & enzyme production. 

Who is Nature's Way Super Foods Pea Protein for?

People looking for:

• Weight management
• Sustained energy
• Plant-based protein

When should I have Nature's Way Super Foods Pea Protein?

Sustained Energy Source
Nature’s Way Fermented Pea Protein is a great source of sustained released, easily digestible protein, packed with all the essential amino acids your body needs to support energy levels and nourish your cells. This low-allergen, vegan protein with fermented superfood can provide a long lasting sustained energy source as well as helping to support muscle growth, tissue repair and healthy bones.

Weight Management
Nature’s Way Fermented Pea Protein helps keep you feeling full for longer supporting weight management and lean muscle maintenance. Pea Protein can also help to support a healthy metabolism for general health and well being.*

Why choose Nature's Way Super Foods Pea Protein?

The Nature’s Way Promise
Not all superfoods are the same. Nature’s Way uses only the highest quality, nutrient dense raw ingredients from the purest source, to guarantee you get the nutrition you should expect from a superfood.


Pea protein isolate (84%), fermented lentil powder (Dhara Dahl), natural vanilla flavour, natural sweetener stevia.


Simply add 15g (3 teaspoons) to your smoothie, baking and cooking.  Perfect for home made muffins, cakes and brownies, or sprinkle on your cereal or porridge.

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