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Nature's Way Krill Oil 500mg 50s

Nature's Way Krill Oil 500mg 50s

Quick Overview

Natures Way Super Krill Oil Pure Red 500mg contains 100% high quality pure red krill oil to help relieve symptoms of arthritis and support heart health and cardiovascular health.

50 soft capsules
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What are Nature's Way Krill Oil 500mg for?

Nature's Way Super Krill Oil provides more krill oil per capsule to help support:
Joint health by helping to reduce inflammation and help relieve arthritis symptoms.
Heart & Cardiovascular Health : To help support in the maintenance of cholesterol within the healthy range in healthy individuals.
May assist in the maintenance of healthy LDL:HDL ratio within the normal range in healthy individuals.
Antioxidant health as it naturally contains Astaxanthin a potent antioxidant.

Who are Nature's Way Krill Oil 500mg for?

Those with arthritis or joint pain
Those who wish to maintain brain and eye health
Those who are exposed to free radical damage.
Those with cholesterol concerns
Those who wish to maintain cardiovascular health

When should I takeNature's Way Krill Oil 500mg?

Super Krill Oil can be taken as a daily nutritional supplement in conjunction with a healthy diet leading to good health and wellbeing for everyone.

Why should I take Nature's Way Krill Oil 500mg?

Joint health
Cardiovascular health
Brain health
Eye health


Each capsule contains
Euphausia superba oil (Krill Oil) 335mg

Concentrated Omega 3 triglycerides


For arthritis: Take 1 capsule daily with food.
For heart health & cholesterol maintenance: Take 3 capsules daily with food.

Do not take if allergic to seafood.
Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional.
Store below 25degC

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