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KP24 Rapid with LPF 100ml

KP24 Rapid with LPF 100ml

Quick Overview

KP24 Rapid with LPF is the latest innovation in head lice treatments. The rapid formula has been  clinically proven to kill head lice and their eggs in just 15 minutes, and the specially developed Lice Protection Factor (LPF) protects against reinfestation.

100ml Bottle with metal comb.

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What is KP24 Rapid with LPF for?

KP24 Rapid with LPF kills lice within 15 minutes and protects against further infestation. The rapid formula kills head lice by dehydrating them rapidly and suffocating them, while the specially developed lice protection factor (LPF) inhibits reinfestation by making hair less attractive for lice to crawl upon. A metal comb is included to physically remove the lice from the scalp. 

Who is KP24 Rapid with LPF for?

The KP24 Rapid with LPF and is suitable for use on any child over the age of 12 months with a head lice problem. KP24 Rapid with LPF is not advised for pregnant women. 

When should I use KP24 Rapid with LPF?

KP24 Rapid with LPF should be applied at the first sign of a head lice infestation.

Why should I use KP24 Rapid with LPF?

To treat and prevent head lice infestations. 


Oligodecene / MIPA-Lauteth Sulfate / Laureth-4 /Cocamide DEA / Fatty alcohol polyglycol ether / LFP(copolymer and Sesame oil) / Fragrance


Massage into the scalp. Leave on the hair 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, rub a small amount of water into the treated hair. Lather, then rinse out with lukewarm water. Use the enclosed metal lice comb to remove the dead head lice and their eggs. 

For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use if you have a known hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients. Avoid contact with eyes, nose, mouth and other delicate membranes. If product gets into the eyes, flush with clean water immediately. In case of a rash or signs of irritation / allergy, stop immediately and wash the hair hair with regular shampoo and rinse with clean water. Keep treated hair away from naked flame or heat source. Do not smoke while using this product. This product is only suitable for head lice (not for pubic nor body lice).

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