10 Easy Rules to Lose Weight Naturally

10 Easy Rules to Lose Weight Naturally header

Most people have the misconception that they are overweight or obese due to the fact that they are fat. But in fact, it is because they have fat. Do not consider losing weight as a matter of shame or anything pessimistic; it should actually be perceived as just another accomplishment on your list. Even though weight loss is a talked about topic mostly in women, men aren’t far behind in the race.

Losing weight is not a task you could accomplish in an overnight. It takes time and perseverance to achieve that. Many a time, if you do not have a planned schedule, it is highly likely that you would feel annoyed. If you think that reducing the intake of food could have immediate effects on your overall body weight, you might be wrong. It takes more than just that. In order to achieve the ultimate weight, you wish for, you need to be cognizant of the proper set of exercises and a balanced diet.

So if you are all set to be a part of the weight loss challenge, the following 10 easy rules could prove to be boon to you. Let us examine each one of them in detail.

Rule 1:

A crucial factor that determines how many pounds you shed is your food intake. Cutting on sugar levels and avoiding alcohol could go a long way in producing desired results. Planning and sticking to short-term plans like drinking only a certain number of drinks or limiting your consumption of pizza slices could make the process much easier. Studies have shown that the amount of weight you burn in the initial period is a strong determining factor in your weight loss in the upcoming months.

 Rule 2:

Proper workouts could not only improve the metabolism levels in the body but also help you burn calories. Cardio exercises are one of the most popular proven methods out there. Make a proper schedule for the number of days in a week you want to dedicate to building lean muscles with the cardio way. If you do 3 sessions a week, make sure you lose about 300 to 400 calories per session to get positive results.

 Rule 3:

For some individuals, it is not easy to lose weight because of their threshold to hunger. When you are in the process of burning fat, you tend to get hungry at times, but do not overreact. Try to develop a higher saturation for hunger and research suggest to drink a glass of water before your meal.  This could certainly be challenging, but it will pay off in the end.

 Rule 4:

Not always it is about how much you eat that makes the difference; it is in fact what you eat that could have significant impacts on your body. Try to consume a clean diet and avoid junk food or processed foods that are high in sugar content. Maintain a diary and keep a log of every single meal you consume. Studies have shown that people who are disciplined about the diet levels tend to lose more weight and in less amount of time.

 Rule 5:

If you want great results, include the following three Ps in your diet on a regular basis. The first P is the protein which will help you a lot in terms of optimizing the metabolism levels in the body. The second p is the produce. Eating excessive vegetables would not result in a lot of calories; hence consume food which is high in fiber. The third P is plant-based fats. They could be found in nuts and olive oil. If you are serious about losing weight, try to include the three Ps as much as you could in your daily meals.

 Rule 6:

People who take crash courses for weight loss tend to eat unhealthy food and not always concentrate on the portion sizes of their diet. If you restrict yourself to say 1400-1600 calories per day, you would not starve but in fact, you would see some amazing results when you stand on a weighing scale. Depending on how much weight you want to lose, balance your calories with proper diet and workout.

 Rule 7:

Studies have shown that you tend to gain more calories if you do not concentrate on how you eat. If you consume food if you are distracted, the results could be opposite in nature. Be in a seating position, turn off your television and put your phones away while you eat. Incorporate proper eating habits like chewing slowly could be very beneficial in the long run.

 Rule 8:

It is not a bad idea if you weigh yourself every single day. In fact, research has proven that people who tend to check their weight more often are likely to lose weight faster as it guides you the direction you need to be in. Try to weigh yourself the same time of the day to measure steady progress.

 Rule 9:

If your body isn’t getting enough sleep or if you are stressed, it is likely that you will crave for some carbohydrates. Try to keep pets away from your bedroom and concentrate on getting 6-7 hours of sleep every day to also reduce stress levels.

 Rule 10:

If you really want to burn more calories, try to be creative with your workout mechanism. Do some intense sweat sessions and try to cut down at least 100 calories on a daily basis. Once you consume vegetables, include some carbs in your diet. This will also help you in reducing blood sugar which has a significant impact on the weight.


Weight loss should not be considered a fast track course, but rather a fun activity. Everyone has different requirements when it comes to weigh   t loss and it is not a bad idea to consult an expert in the field to guide you properly along the way. With this and proper planning and execution of the rules listed above, you could very well be on your way for the exact weight you always desired for.