Exercises to improve core strength

exercise to improve core strength

Core strength isn’t just about ripped 6-packs and countless crunches – good core strength ensures proper posture, pelvic floor control and functional movement.  Here are some exercises to challenge your strength, balance and coordination, as well as improve your core strength.   Perform 10 repetitions of each exercise in a circuit and repeat the circuit three times.  These exercises are suitable to be done everyday, try them next time an ad break comes on during your favourite show instead of heading to the kitchen for a snack.


Four Point Kneeling

This exercise might look easy, but it will challenge your core strength, balance and coordination.  


Side Plank

Challenge your oblique abdominal muscles with this exercise.  


Reverse Crunches

Target your lower abs with these reverse crunches.  Remember not to let momentum do the work for you, control the movement and work slowly.


Glute Bridges

Your glutes play an important role in keeping your back healthy and pain free.  Make sure you engage your glutes and your abdominals during this exercise.  Challenge yourself further by raising your arms off the floor with your fingertips pointed towards the ceiling.


Leg Raises

These can be completed on a bench or sitting on the ground.  Make sure you are engaging your abdominals and not letting your hips do all the work.

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